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Safety Supervisor

Role Description. 

The safety coordinator is responsible for monitoring the working conditions of the film set to ensure that all activity is compliant with state and federal safety regulations. The successful applicant is responsible for enforcing the health and safety guidelines outlined by Film Australia and the Production company to a safe work place at all times. 

Tasks include

  • Inspects working conditions to ensure all products and activities are compliant with safety guidelines.

  • Writes up reports detailing inspection process.

  • Educates team members on emergency drills to ensure team is aware of all procedures.

  • Keeps a detailed record of all work place hazards.

  • Work with production team to minimise any hazards or health risks. 

Skills needed 

  • Exhibits strong organizational skills.

  • Exhibits knowledge of appropriate emergency protocols.

  • Pays close attention to detail.

  • Possesses solid problem-solving and analytical abilities.
    Is proficient in the use of word processing programs.

  • Works well with a team.

  • Strong writing skills.

  • Demonstrates ability to remain calm and cool-headed in the event of an emergency.

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