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Location Manager

Role Description. 

The location managers manage the location. Making sure everyone in the cast and crew knows how to get to each film location. They negotiate parking, noise reduction, power sources, catering requirements and any official permissions that may be needed with the site’s management or owner. They are responsible for ensuring it’s safe.

Tasks include

  • Managing traffic and parking

  • On site logistics

  • Assisting cast and crew with getting to and from filming locations

  • Work with camera department to ensure location is safe to film in. 

  • Make sure all access to locations is safe.

  • Be on set to assist with logistics.

  • Help production team ensure day to day tasks are complete

Skills needed 

  • Confidence and presentation skills.

  • Good teamwork and people skills.

  • Self-motivation and determination.

  • Time management and project management skills.

  • Attention to detail.

  • The ability to work under pressure.

  • Displays professionalism when dealing with cast and crew and respects confidentiality. 

  • Quick to think on your feet.

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