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Expense Claim Forms

All expenditure must be agreed upfront by the Line Producer before any expenditure is incurred and all expenses need to be submitted on an expense claim form. 


Any personal expenditure (e.g. fuel, mileage etc) should be completed on a separate form to any production expenditure (e.g. props, costume consumables, make-up, etc). 


You can ask the production office for an Expense form. 


Please note that Eftpos credit/debit card vouchers are NOT acceptable. For any purchases made, please ask the vendor for a Tax receipt with ABN, GST amount and Address noted on, to ensure that the production can recover any GST due. This is particularly important for any fuel receipts. 


For reconciliation please submit:

·      The Excel File of the claim 

·      PDF of the spreadsheet Merges with all the receipts which is numbered and are in order to the spreadsheet. 


Please be aware that all expense forms need to be authorised before any payment can be made. As a result, delays might be expected, however we will endeavour to reimburse any expenditure as soon as possible. 


Mileage & Fuel


If you are claiming Milage please ask production for Milage claim form. 

Please send invoices to:

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